Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Contact Information

Contact Information:

E-mail: eyeloveyou@live.com



  1. Hi,

    i was wondering if you receive your item from korea or japan?

    And i know you guys mention that it was 100% authentic but its just that there are so many fake ones from china that are sold for a very cheap price, so if you guys getting stock from china can you please be honest?

    Can i also ask why are you guys selling it for a very good price, because the lowest i've found was about $20?

    How much would it be in Australian dollars for one super/ ultra gray contact lenses, including postage?

    PS. hopefully if you guys can convince me that its genuine would be nice with proof....

    Sorry, for being so picky its just that i value my eyes a lot and apparently you can be blind if its not authentic...

    If everything goes well then i'll probably be your long term customer...


    Thank you!

    Sorry for posting it here, your email was not working...